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Reformation: Sustainable fashion brand expands its international presence

Reformation has a multi-million-dollar e-commerce business and 15 stores, including a new one in Toronto. The company has gone from strength to strength and has become a cult brand popular among the likes of Rihanna, Alexa Chung and Bella Hadid. Selfridges stands to gain much with the company. Whilst many leading fashion retailers are trying to establish a market position as being eco-friendly/ sustainable brands within this niche market, Reformation has a competitive advantage over them as the brand has followed this ethos sine it launched.  One of the company’s future goals is for 75% of its products to be made from natural fibers that are rapidly renewable, plant-based and made using recycled material.

The company has partnered with Global-e, a company that provides international e-commerce services to various retailers around the world, in a bid to drive growth and to open up its brand to international consumers. Announced in September 2019, Reformation will now be able to reach consumers in over 200 destinations worldwide. The brand will also be able to provide shopping experiences adjusted to local market characteristics and preferences based on the consumers’ preferences. Many businesses expand internationally to diversify assets, an action that can protect a company’s bottom line against unforeseen events. In so doing the retailer can offset contractions in the domestic market.