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In an information-rich world, finding facts you can rely upon isn’t always easy. MarketLine is the solution

MarketLine is a world leading provider of commercial Intelligence

Our interactive subscribers-only platform, provides anytime access to a unique & exclusive mix of company, industry, country, city and financial data.
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Our unique, data-driven, human-led, technology-powered approach creates the trusted, actionable, and forward-looking intelligence you need to predict the future and avoid blind-spots.

We provide you with easy access to deep, sector-specific intelligence, real-time news, powerful analytics, and time-saving workflow and collaboration tools, fully-integrated into our world-class Intelligence Center.

Tailored to your industry, our Intelligence Center is designed to help you with your key strategic activities.

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What We Do

MarketLine is a truly global service covering every major industry and marketplace in the world.

Market Data & Insights

  • Industry Profiles give a clear picture of the key dynamics in each sector, including analysis of factors affecting the sector’s performance, details of the leading companies operating within each country or region, new entrants, key suppliers and levels of competitor rivalry. Concise and accurate, Industry Profiles include five year forecasts, practical application of Porter’s Five Forces analysis, and company financial metrics.
  • Industry Datafiles are interactive Excel-based workbooks that present MarketLine industry data an easy to work with spread sheet format. Each Datafile provides multiple views to easily comprehend or analyse data for single markets or quickly compare data across countries, along with the underlying raw data. Each Datafile consists of industry data for 50 countries and 9 regions including Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.
  • MarketLine’s Industry Statistics database consolidates all the data from Industry Data files into a single web based interface, enabling quick and easy comparative analysis and visualization of market values, volumes, segmentation and forecasts for over 120 industry sectors and 50 countries.
  • Industry Value Chain reports reveal the business activities which comprise the Industry value chain for 100 major global sectors. All key stages are highlighted, along with examples of companies active, and assessments of the burning issues for every stage of the value chain.
  • Industry Case Studies provide in-depth analysis of wider ranging issues affecting the subject industry.
  • Theme Reports look into topics or megatrends set to have far reaching impact on the world around us.

Market Line

Competitor Intelligence

  • Regularly updated profiles on over 100,000 companies with associated news, innovation, deal tracking, and financial data.
  • Discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of target clients, competitors, or partner companies with SWOT Analyses.
  • Company Case Studies provide an in-depth analysis of successful and unsuccessful company strategies.
  • Top Companies Chartbooks benchmark leading companies through a variety of financial metrics. This series provides a breakdown of the subject market’s segmentation, and company-specific overviews for each of the leading companies.
  • Analyst curated Key Lists reveal the companies that influence, impact and shape global industries.

Tourism competitor Intelligence

Macroeconomic Indicators

  • Country Profiles provide an in-depth analysis of the world’s top 110 economies. Analysis is presented in terms of the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (PEST/PESTLE) structure of the subject country.
  • MarketLine’s Country Statistics database enables users to conduct quick and easy comparative analysis of macroeconomic and industry drivers for over 200 countries. Features include comprehensive data and forecasts including detailed coverage of consumer demographics, incomes, and expenditures. Country Statistics is ideal for professionals requiring a comprehensive view of the global economy or at a much higher level, a comparative analysis view of countries or indicators.
  • City Profiles include a comprehensive overview of the subject city, political, economic, social, technological (PEST) analysis, along with analysis of key industries including technology, tourism and hospitality, construction and retail.
  • City Statistics features comprehensive data and forecasts of key socio and macroeconomic indicators for more than 3000 cities, spread across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, North America, and South &Central America Coverage is complemented by financial market indicators used in support of macroeconomic analysis, including commodity prices and indices, interest and exchange rates, and more.
  • Country Comparison Chartbooks provide in-depth analysis of Key Indicators within specific regions. They also look at High Income Economies, Middle Income Economies and Low Income Economies.
  • City Statistics Chartbooks provide an overview analysis and comparisons of leading cities in terms of economics, demographics, employment, households, and education.
  • Country Outlook and Global Risk Reports, based on MarketLine’s Country Risk Index (MLCRI), assess current trends and risks facing all major global economies.

Packaging All Macroeconomic Indicators

Real-time Intelligence

  • MarketLine’s News, Financial Deals, Comment, and Analyst Insights complement the market data and competitive intelligence perfectly.
  • Over 70,000 MarketLine authored News articles are added to site annually, along with over 200,000 company press releases. These articles help clients to track the latest developments in the industry, understand key trends and growth opportunities in different regions, and analyse the competitive landscape and shape company strategy.
  • MarketLine’s Financial Deals database is a record of global information on mergers and acquisitions (M&A); private equity, venture finance, and private placement transactions; IPOs; and partnerships across various industries. Over 56,000 Financial Deals are tracked annually. The database provides a complete resource for deal information offering the user detailed reports on deals, along with relevant data of the companies and advisors involved in such transactions.
  • Analyst Comment and Analyst Insights provide opinion from MarketLine Analysts on current business issues and trends.
  • Influencer Tools identify and track crucial insights from leading digital influencers on the key issues relating to key sectors, issues or themes.

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