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Heura: Spanish alt-meat brand wants to flip the food industry on its head

Heura is a foodtech company that produces a range of plant-based meat alternatives, using a fraction of the water, emissions and farmland required for traditional meat products. The company sells a full range of Mediterranean-inspired alternatives to chicken, beef and pork, including strips, chunks, burgers and meatballs. It plans to introduce 10 new products in 2022.

Heura’s soy-based products use a special olive oil-based fat analogue and contain 85% less saturated fat than traditional meat. According to the company, its technology saved more than 635 million liters of water, 1.4 million kg of CO2 and more than 80,280 animal lives in 2021.

The brand is one of the fastest-growing plant-based startups in Europe and has increased its fan base to more than 190,000 in 2020, amid the pandemic-driven rise in demand for vegan food from mainstream consumers. In just a few years it has grown from being present only in a few specialist supermarkets in Spain to launching globally in 20 different countries by 2021.

Heura has reported explosive growth in 2021, with sales, staff numbers and global reach all up from already successful 2020 results. According to its owners, the exponential growth the company is experiencing demonstrates the future will be plant-based. The company is committed to accelerating the protein transition with high investment in tech and activism.