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Healthcare Tech breakthrough amid COVID-19 crisis

Coronavirus outbreak may change the way our society works for good, and business will have to adjust accordingly in order to succeed. In fact, the current restrictions to stop the spreading of the virus could be the first taste of what the world will look like in the future. Therefore, sectors devoted to the digitalization of fundamental services will benefit from the likely shift to a society more mindful of human contact. Among these sectors, health tech seems well positioned to be a part of the new normal in healthcare, rather than just a nice addition to fight the current health crisis.
Digital health has proven itself useful for people in self-isolation to access medical services without risking their lives and putting the lives of others at risk. It has also provided with tracking and monitoring solutions that has allowed governments to enforce policy to prevent further spreading of the virus. In fact, health tech seems like the best way forward for pandemic prevention in the future. Through the implementation of crowdsourcing platforms and contact tracing apps, it would be easier to identify a pandemic before it spreads all around the world.
Health tech sector seems committed to make use of the technology we use daily, and the data that this use generates, to make healthcare more effective. Especially considering that universal healthcare are under severe pressure to meet public demand, digital health offers cost-effective solutions that could ease that pressure by offering remote diagnosis and follow up of non-life-threatening issues. However, it is the management of the data that these private companies would have, what makes part of the society wary of using certain health tech services.