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Amazon Go: Newfound technology will give Amazon a major chance in the food & grocery industry, at the cost of future jobs

Late 2015, Amazon Fresh rolled out across the USA in several states and similarly was introduced in the UK mid-2016. Now with the launch of Amazon Go, it is clear that Amazon wants a proportion of the share of the food & grocery market, one of the largest industries in the world it is not being quiet about it.
Innovation and technological advances will give Amazon a significant advantage over its competitors emphasizing convenience for the customer. Amazon Go is the tangible version of its online store. A 1,800 square meter store that allows customers to walk in a shop, pick up a bunch of products and walk straight back out with its ‘just walk out technology’.
While the primary driver behind Amazon’s new store concept is to speed the shopping experience by cutting down the long lines usually observed in convenience stores, cutting labor costs is also a factor. Amazon usually operates at razor thin margins, and cutting an employee or two can make the difference between making and losing money. This is a general trend in the industry.

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