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UK holidaymakers abroad: Independent holidays are taking on package holidays

The number of UK travelers abroad has been growing strongly in recent years, above 3% year-on-year since 2014. The steadily growing number of tourists abroad in the last two years seems even more remarkable given the fact that the value of the British Pound, which is a determinant of the cost of a holiday abroad, has fallen dramatically in that period. However, there is a new trend hidden behind this paradox; package holidays are not the main option for UK tourists abroad who now seek greater value on the tailored product of independent holidays.

The key idea is that the option of planning holidays from travel to catering and accommodation according to one’s tastes has an increasing value for UK consumers. Millennials are an increasing factor in this, striving for greater value of holiday experience.

Moreover, the difference between value of independent holidays and package-holidays is magnified when taking into account price, with the former option proven as value for money, according to the latest tourism expenditure statistics. Increased consumer awareness over destination and available options – the lack of which has been the most crucial deterrent for self-planning of holidays – has facilitated demand for independent holidays.