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Sequencing Quinoa: Food for thought

The pharmaceutical industry has been growing at a strong rate in recent years. One aspect of this market is that of the food supplement. The growing trend especially amongst the older populace and with the hectic lifestyles that are led in developed countries lends support to the supplement industry. The ability of scientists to understand the functions of different genes have assisted in the growth of specific markets and also in the changes to specific plant species. When looking at some of the historic plant species and how they have been altered due to scientific interventions, it is likely that the latest genome sequencing will lead to changes in the appearance and versatility of Quinoa.

It is potentially a future prediction for restaurants to begin serving meals in pill forms and whilst the food supplements are on the rise, there is nothing that quite hits all the same spots as natural products. Quinoa is one of the latest plants to be fully sequenced and from this it is possible that genes can be understood and utilized for other plants to improve them. Genetic modifications are however not ideal for Quinoa as the genetic makeup of this plant already permits this as an ideal organism.