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Nude Makeup: Makeup is the new natural look

Historically, makeup was seen as a thing only used by grownups, however makeup being used by younger demographics is a growing trend. Trends now focus on teaching younger individuals how to use makeup with a recent quote suggesting that ‘nude makeup is the new natural’. Children are now being brought up to believe that makeup is natural and needed in order for them to look good. TV shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras further glamorize the use of makeup on children.

Younger individuals using makeup has stimulated the appearance of video bloggers (vloggers) whose sole aim is to provide tutorials, recommendations or reviews of specific items to their fan base. A number of successful vloggers have been able to take a piece of this market and have been quickly snapped up by big companies as a source of free digital advertisement. One of the top vloggers in the makeup field, Zoella, has to date more than 11 million subscribers. A constant stream of videos onto this channel helps keep the fan base interested and in doing so provides a steady stream of digital advertisement to companies.