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Gig Employment: Not a smooth ride

The number of individuals defined as self-employed is growing aided by the latest trend of gig-employment. These self-employed individuals serve to increase competition between those seeking full time employment and those who prefer to work contract to contract. A recent change in the mindset of the gig-employment workers has caused a shift in working patterns with these workers now beginning to seek out full time employee status and the benefits which accompany this. Businesses which previously exploited these gig workers (e.g. Deliveroo and Uber) are now under scrutiny and face numerous lawsuits from these independent workers who want the same privileges granted to full time employees. The benefit of independent workers becoming full time employees grants them holiday pay, pension and sick leave. This also benefits the government as it is predicted that more than £1bn per year is lost from evaded National Insurance and pension contributions. With the change in legislation and the work begun to create drone delivery services, it seems as though the gig is up.