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Educational Applications: The price of learning

The educational applications business is a multi-billion dollar industry which is growing yearly. Education is seen as a necessary part of life and has provided society with new ideas and has assisted in growth. The increased reach of internet and the technological boom has opened education back into the home to help make parents feel more included. This has reduced the strain on teachers and has helped teach children in the digital environment, along with traditional education, which will help accustom them growing digital trends.

Increased hand-eye coordination and better logical reasoning are benefits attributed with e-learning; however the offset of this is a decrease in concentration span and an increased level of social avoidance. The digital answer to tantruming children is also a financial danger with free apps having a number of easily accessible in-app purchases. Free apps are more like demos of the actual app with the full app purchases and the in-app purchases forming the majority of the revenue for companies. Many children and adults are addicted to screens with digital integration reaching from toddlers to centenarians. As such, companies are targeting all ages with new products which increases exposure and makes it more difficult to avoid screens.