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Daniel Wellington: The fastest growing private European company in 2017

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch making company that has been placed at the top of the “Fastest Growing European Companies” list. Started by Filip Tysander in 2011 using his own money, the company has since witnessed impressive growth thanks to a very successful social media marketing strategy campaign. Rather than engaging in traditional marketing in a rather congested market where giants like Rolex and Tag Heuer exist, Daniel Wellington instead has sought to utilize the power of social media in order to boost its brand awareness. It has done this successfully and today boasts more instagram followers than watch making giant Tag Heuer.

The brand has clearly resonated with younger segments of society who are increasingly reducing the time they spend in front of the TV, a platform which traditional players in this market extensively utilize in their marketing campaigns, to social media where a growing number of younger people can be found today. Daniel Wellington understood this change in consumer patterns and utilized it to its own advantage.

Nevertheless, despite the impressive growth the company has witnessed, it is likely that growth will decelerate in the coming years as the company increasingly becomes a traditional player. Daniel Wellington has extensive plans of opening up hundreds of new physical stores around the world, which will see its operational costs rising. Despite all of this however the company’s increasing brand awareness should ensure that growth  remains strong.