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WWE Inc: the NXT big thing?


WWE is the largest wrestling promotion globally, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its recent financial performance has seen revenue and net income grow, with growth across most segments. In physical figures however the company’s TV ratings and live event attendance is down, with its key demographic of older males alienated by the company’s ham-fisted approach to mainstream appeal. One way the company has won back some wayward fans is the NXT brand, available exclusively on the WWE network. The successor to the Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory,… Read more

Despite the doom mongers, the media industry finds itself in generally rude health


Across the 2009-2013 period, the global media industry has continued to find room to grow despite the ever looming spectre of the financial crisis. The advertising sector has been particularly susceptible to austerity as companies have continued to cast a critical eye across their costs, looking to wield the dreaded “cutback” scissors, asking themselves “do we really need to spend X amount on advertising when we can do a lot of it in-house?” Cue that competitive threat to seemingly every industry on the planet, Google and its AdWords service, not… Read more

IMAX revenues and profits fall in Q3 2013 but future opportunities remain


IMAX Corporation (IMAX) has announced its Q3 2013 results and, on the surface, it does not look good: Q3 2013 revenues are down by 35.9% over the same quarter of last year, and net income is down by a substantial 89.2%. This will be of great concern for IMAX and its shareholders, but it would be wrong to write the company off at this stage. On a year-to-date basis, the company’s slide in revenue and profit is not as severe. Revenues for the first three quarters of 2013 are down… Read more

BT’s offering unlikely to dethrone Sky from the Sports TV market


BT launched two new channels aimed at carving a lucrative pound of flesh from the incumbent Sky for the sports television market, although it is unlikely to seize the throne under its current plans. BT has invested £736m in 38 Premier League games and exclusive of coverage of the Aviva Premiership rugby season, with over 500,000 customers signed up. Other offerings include UFC, MotoGP, and Women’s Tennis. The company claims that its channels will be free to its broadband customers, although this is a half truth. Tablet, smartphone and computer… Read more

Sony Profitable Again after Five Years


Following a weaker yen (the dollar and euro have both appreciated almost 20% against the yen in recent months), the giant electronics, entertainment, and technology exporter has recorded a net profit of Y43bn ($435m), a remarkable turnaround from the Japanese firm’s Y475bn loss a year earlier. Indeed, currency market trends, largely brought about by the consequences or perceived future consequences of the Bank of Japan’s monetary, fiscal, and regulatory easing (what has been deemed Abenomics, after the incumbent Premier’s pushing for the changes), have been necessary for the turnaround, the… Read more

Chinese Movies & Entertainment Market, one of the fastest growing in the world


Reflecting the economic downturn, the movies & entertainment market has performed poorly in recent years. Historically, this market has thought to have been recession-proof: in 1929, after the stock market crash, box office revenues rose by 58.2% compared to the previous year. However, the rise in cinema ticket prices may be accountable for this. Average US ticket prices have been rising since 1992, often at a greater rate than inflation. Production and marketing costs have been pushed up by Hollywood studios’ shift to blockbuster films. The global movies & entertainment… Read more