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Iran Transport: Accelerating forward to the future


Iran is a growing hub for transportation, acting as a critical connection point between India and Russia/ Europe. Until recently, the Suez Canal served as the quickest transport route between India and Russia however with Iran undergoing rail infrastructure upgrades and also building part of the North-South corridor, Iran is set to become a key part of the ongoing development of transport links using the rail network. The North-South corridor has the potential to cut the transport time by around 50% and is sure to disrupt the naval transportation market…. Read more

HS2: Both sides of the argument become more entrenched


When potential plans to build a new high speed rail link in the UK were first announced, it immediately produced a huge rift between members of the general public. High speed 2 (HS2) was proposed as a huge new rail network, which would first link Birmingham and London, and then later in stage two link Birmingham to Manchester on one line and Birmingham to Leeds on another. This route essentially forms a Y shape up the spine of the country and spreads into both Greater Manchester and Yorkshire. There have… Read more