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Sequencing Quinoa: Food for thought


The pharmaceutical industry has been growing at a strong rate in recent years. One aspect of this market is that of the food supplement. The growing trend especially amongst the older populace and with the hectic lifestyles that are led in developed countries lends support to the supplement industry. The ability of scientists to understand the functions of different genes have assisted in the growth of specific markets and also in the changes to specific plant species. When looking at some of the historic plant species and how they have… Read more

Brexit and Trump’s disastrous effect on science


2016 has been a rollercoaster of a year with regards to political incidences. With the UK voting in favor of leaving the EU in June 2016 and then a follow up of the US voting for President-elect Donald Trump in November of the same year, this has led to a degree of uncertainty in the scientific field. With funding at the forefront of scientific research and the advancement of scientific breakthroughs, the future has been thrown into turmoil as the individuals working in both countries, the US and the UK,… Read more

Will biosimilar drug Inflectra be Remicade’s nemesis?


On 10 September 2013, Hospira announced that the European Commission had approved its drug Inflectra, a treatment for severe inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Good news for the company, and of course for patients suffering from these painful and debilitating diseases. Celebrations might be more muted at the headquarters of Johnson & Johnson, however, as Inflectra is essentially a legal copy of its blockbuster drug Remicade. Genuine generic copies of biotech drugs are not feasible, because competitors to the original manufacturer do not have access to… Read more