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Posts written in September 2017

IMAX Corporation Reducing 3D Movie Showings: 3D set to become a niche rather than the norm


The release of Avatar in December 2009 paved the way for an explosion of 3D movies. There was much hype surrounding the release of this movie, with director James Cameron being famous for pushing boundaries in film making technology leading to the 3D version being hotly anticipated. In its opening weekend, 70% of Avatar’s gross came from 3D viewing, leading to numerous successful 3D releases in 2010 including Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland. Despite a rise in the release of 3D movies following Avatar, demand quickly began to… Read more

Melting ice opens up Arctic shipping route for longer periods


As the melting of ice in the Arctic region intensifies due to increased human activity in the Arctic region, the possibility of using the region for marine transportation purposes also increases. Whereas in the past vessels would have to be escorted by heavy ice breakers, the complete disappearance of or reduction in size of ice has resulted in customized transportation vessels that can also act as moderate ice breakers to emerge. These customized vessels require no escort and have been able to cover vast distances in the Arctic region in… Read more

iPhone X: After healthy sales historically, $1,000 price tag does not justify the technological difference over previous generations


Apple was once known for its innovative developments and breakthroughs in the computer and music market. With the release of the iPhone in 2007, it broke records in terms of sales growth for a phone. Year on year growth for the past 10 years has been extremely impressive and this is due to a variety of quality factors associated with Apple’s brand. With strong brand loyalty associated with Apple, customers have become fans and many enjoy upgrading their phones every year seeing as there is a new iPhone released every… Read more

UTC buys Rockwell Collins, hurting Boeing: New company will lead market and make conditions harder for Boeing


Having left the servicing market when the 787 Dreamliner program was created, Boeing announced a return earlier this year. Yet the much vaunted return – advertised as a means to save money in a toughening commercial jet airliner market – is likely to be harmed by the purchase of Rockwell Collins by UTC. The new company formed by the takeover will provide a service no other company is able to match fully. In making very public protests over the $30bn deal, Boeing is attempting to raise the interests of regulators…. Read more

Macron labor law reforms: Overdue changes to French labor laws are much needed victory for business


The envisioned reforms are wide-ranging and are easily the most ambitious set of labor market reforms to have made it this far intact. Previously, all efforts have floundered under the weight of popular protest. Although productivity remains healthy in the domestic economy, business growth has been stymied by bad regulation which deters job creation, especially for small businesses nearing the 50th employee threshold which makes the employer subject to an alarmingly complex and costly set of regulations. Bodies representing small and medium businesses are pleased with the outcome, hailing them… Read more