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Star Wars Franchise: Skyrocketing into the future


Historically hundreds of films have been produced with a range of missions or storylines. Star Wars is a huge franchise which first graced screens in 1977 with Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This Space Opera was written and directed by George Lucas. This was then followed by episodes V and VI before then returning to episodes I, II and III which are widely deemed as inferior to the original three films. These films however are each a part of a massive immersive world with a number of characters… Read more

Remastered games: the price of nostalgia


Historically hundreds of games have been produced with a range of missions or goals to be achieved. It is a shame when these games are forgotten or when a game disk breaks or is scratched and can no longer be played. This has led to games appearing on later consoles, being able to buy the original games for a discount price. The focus of this article is on the recent announcement of the remastering of the original Crash Bandicoot games for PS4, the continuation of games such as Spyro the… Read more

Brexit and Trump’s disastrous effect on science


2016 has been a rollercoaster of a year with regards to political incidences. With the UK voting in favor of leaving the EU in June 2016 and then a follow up of the US voting for President-elect Donald Trump in November of the same year, this has led to a degree of uncertainty in the scientific field. With funding at the forefront of scientific research and the advancement of scientific breakthroughs, the future has been thrown into turmoil as the individuals working in both countries, the US and the UK,… Read more