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KFC China: New facial recognition software is more offending than ground-breaking


Poor industry performance due to bad food ratings and hygiene issues has been severely damaging for the KFC brand over recent years in China. With a significant share in the Chinese market, KFC’s parent owner Yum! have some important decisions to make in order to build back growth for the franchises once again. It is clear that the technological vanguards are forefront to many industries who wish to make their services more efficient, cost saving and increase its customer satisfaction ratings, while of course keeping consistency across its brand. With… Read more

GM & Ford: Trump threats to enforce higher border tax to car manufacturers


During Trump’s campaign, there was definite tension alongside his controversial expression towards Mexico and his immigration policies that led to talk of a Mexican wall at the border. Well as it turns out, it is not just Mexican immigrants he is attempting to restrict from entering the US, but also vehicles that are manufactured in the neighbouring country, unless the manufacturer pays high border tax. Trump’s intentions were clear during his campaign, and any possibility to build and retain jobs in America seemed to be an important aim of his,… Read more

Amazon Go: Newfound technology will give Amazon a major chance in the food & grocery industry, at the cost of future jobs


Late 2015, Amazon Fresh rolled out across the USA in several states and similarly was introduced in the UK mid-2016. Now with the launch of Amazon Go, it is clear that Amazon wants a proportion of the share of the food & grocery market, one of the largest industries in the world it is not being quiet about it. Innovation and technological advances will give Amazon a significant advantage over its competitors emphasizing convenience for the customer. Amazon Go is the tangible version of its online store. A 1,800 square… Read more

Nissan: Positive economy growth leads to future production of new models in the UK


With the third quarter GDP growth rate proving to be better than predicted at 0.5% (0.2% higher than estimated), Nissan has decided to remain in the UK, agreeing to invest further in its Sunderland manufacturing plant in North East England. Even though car manufacturing was down 1%, there have been signs of positivity for Nissan that has led to this decision. Exports for the manufacturer will become cheaper due to the falling exchange rate with the European Union possessing the UK motor industry’s biggest export market (57.3% of UK car… Read more

Microsoft: $26.2bn LinkedIn acquisition its largest to date, but deal makes sense


Surrounding this acquisition purchase came many queries questioning the future success of such a transaction. With an alarming price tag attached to the bill, Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn is by far the largest purchase it has made in history. With a pretty poor track record in large acquisitions, (with the exception of Skype of course), it remains to be seen if this one is any different. CEO Satya Nadella has been leading Microsoft since early 2014 and feels it is his job to turn the poor history of buyouts into a… Read more